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BIZLEBOX™ Business & Legal In-a-box for Out-of-the-box Thinkers

Tamsen Horton

Welcome to the BIZLEBOX™ Podcast, your ultimate resource for business and legal knowledge specifically curated for online entrepreneurs! Hosted by Tamsen Horton, a seasoned attorney and business owner, BIZLEBOX™ simplifies intricate legal concepts into user-friendly business and legal tools. This weekly podcast is tailored for entrepreneurs who aim to build a profitable and legally protected business, all while making a positive impact and living life on their own terms.

BIZLEBOX™ goes beyond jargon by using entertaining storytelling, interviews, and quirky metaphors to make it easy for non-experts to understand. Each episode focuses on providing valuable advice to help you navigate the online business world with confidence. Tune in on all major listening platforms and join the BIZLEBOX™ community to build a strong, legally sound foundation for your entrepreneurial journey!